fckdishit (fckdishit) wrote in therealrejects,

1. name: jovana
2. sex/location/age: female, naperville, 14
3. why do you want to join this: cause courtney was all JOIN MOTHERFUCKER! and i didnt get accepted to some other one.. so i was like heyy all the cool people are doing it..
4. how did you find out about therealrejects: ^
5. what is your favorite phish song? if you dont have one, be honest. if you dont like them, be honest:haha there ok. fuckin stoner music. i dono what there songs are called. it says track 1 track 2 yadda yadda
6. favorite thing to do: eat
7. favorite band(s) -- no more than 10: bright eyes,deathcab,postal service,spill canvas,felix culpa,august,black sabbath, norma jean,mewithoutyou
8. best friend(s): alot yo
9. are you a camera whore:im a whore in everything
10. Post a few pictures for fun, and for bryan wilson and aaron brooks' sexual satisfaction:



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