Courtney (hottblumarkerz) wrote in therealrejects,

Hahahaha i'm only doing this for you Bryan!

I feel like such a fagshit ..

1. name: Courtney
2. sex/location/age: Female, Naperville, 16
3. why do you want to join this: Because you asked me to
4. how did you find out about therealrejects: Bryan
5. what is your favorite phish song? if you dont have one, be honest. if you dont like them, be honest: Hahahaha oh god .. Wolfman's Brother .. Taste .. Train Song .. so many
6. favorite thing to do: Tennis, friends .. same old
7. favorite band(s) -- no more than 10: Modest Mouse, Slayer, From Autumn to Ashes, Poison the Well, Everytime i die, Underoath, that kinda stuff
8. best friend(s): I don't really have a best friend
9. are you a camera whore: I'm gona say yes .. because i am constantly grounded and bored
10. Post a few pictures for fun, and for bryan wilson and aaron brooks' sexual satisfaction



I hope that's good enough .. <33


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