Reject Reject_Union!

We Are Reject_Confederacy!

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Ok, so here are the basic rules:

You may apply to the community by filling out the application below, along with posting a couple pictures of yourself ..

About Being An Applicant ..

- You must apply first! There is no just walking into the community, if you are added as a member and do not post your application within 3 days of applying you will be banned.

- Please post applications as PUBLIC as so everyone can read them.

- You MUST promote, and be VERY active .. we don't want a dull community where you are accepted and don't do anything for the community after that. If we find you do not participate you will be deleted from the community and banned.

- This is a rating community. If someone says no .. go cry to your mama, don't start bitching at members. If you bitch at a Mod, Maintainer, or start lots of drama with a member you will be banned. No fucking exceptions.

- Be yourself .. don't copy other people's application, if we see repeats you will be banned. Chances are if you are yourself you will get accepted.

If you get accepted ..

- Vote and Promote. Vote on entries it will take 2 minutes out of your day. If you aren't active we will give you the boot and you will be banned. Use our banners and put them in other communities to bring in others.

If you are rejected ..

-You may wait 5 days before you can re-apply with new pictures but the same application. If you changed your application to our liking you will be immediatley banned, we fucking hate posers.




The Application Of Doom

1. Name:
2. Sex, Location, Age:
3. Why do you want to join our community:
4. How did you find out about therealrejects:
5. What is your favorite Phish song (if you dont have one .. be honest, and if you don't like them .. be honest):
6. What is your favorite thing to do:
7. What is your favorite band(s) .. no more than 10:
8. Who is/are your best friend(s):
9. Are you a camera whore:
10. Post a few pictures for fun, and for Bryan Wilson's and Aaron Brooks' sexual satisfaction:

One last thing ..

We didn't steal anything from that fucking retarded shit faced community Reject_Union. Any "connections" are purely coincidental. Hahahahahaha fuckers.

So there ..